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Dating Woes Of Sansa Stark

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Contents: Dating woes av sansa stark. Year Calendar — Norway Sansa Stark. Her arc words seem to be “life is not a song”. I’d like her to get a happy ending worthy of one. This I think was once true, but I think she has undergone a very important transformation. She is no longer invested in these stately, courtly images. Her family destroyed, marriage to a Lannister, beating by knights So the traditional symbols of a romantic world, kisses and cloaks, have been reconfigured by GRRM to reflect this transformation.

What I think is also important is that Littlefinger imagines Sansa is completely friendless. He thinks he has broken her down, and that now she is totally dependent on him. He speaks of wrapping a cloak around her shoulder and having the whole North rally around her, but she has already wrapped a cloak around her own shoulders. He kisses her, but she is already thinking of another kiss.

Dating woes of sansa stark

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Or sign in with one of these services. What did sansa mean by “he took a song and a kiss and left me nothing but a bloody cloak” in AFFC? She’s referring to Sandor Clegane, I believe. The only thing is, he didn’t kiss her but she’s convinced herself that he did. Oh yeah, and re the bloody cloak, he’d been wearing his Kingsguard cloak in the battle, but tore it off and dumped it on her floor when he left, all covered in blood and soot.

In the case of the cloak, it no longer represents knightly virtue, and reflects Sansa’s awakening to this realization as well. The kiss is part of an awakening too. It is a different kiss from the sweet, gentle ones, and she needs to radically reform her world view. However, much of this is happening unconsciously, and so Sansa’s “rebellion” isn’t something that is made immediately aware to the reader. Comments 83 Share what you think.

Her arc words seem to be “life is not a song”. Yes, he can teach her about pawns and players, but I think she will decide where her future goes. Posted 7 years ago 27 notes Stannis Baratheonstannis is judging you, been wanting to do this for days and daysgame of thronesASoIaF. Pink Champagne, a Chanel cake and a renewed friendship He is really so in love with Sophie and she’s so in love with.

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Email address by clicking submit you agree to zoosks terms of use and privacy policy. Hell, even the idea of sansa being raped is retreading old ground: rencontre glamour college professor dating website dating woes of sansa stark – i la to see sansa as con, even more than dany and for me, thats gusto. Remember when he tried to win in the dance off at the auction.

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Sansa’s Dating Woes: part two

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