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Fallen Angel Fund FAQs

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Around USD billion of US investment grade debt has been downgraded from investment grade to high yield so far this year, with most downgrades taking place in March Figure 1. Below, we look at the recent rise in fallen angels from the dual perspectives of the investment grade and high yield markets and highlight why this cycle might differ from the past.

We believe this fallen angel cycle will differ from that of past cycles, not only due to the sheer volume of debt likely to be downgraded, but because of the velocity of downgrades. Rating agencies appear to have concluded that they provided too much leeway to overly-levered companies in the past, and this time are being more proactive. Another, and arguably more important, reason this fallen angel cycle differs from prior cycles is that US investment grade bonds – and fallen angels that remain at least low BB — now have the direct support of the US Federal Reserve Fed.

On March 23, the Fed announced its intention to purchase investment grade corporate bonds via the Primary and Secondary Market Corporate Credit Facilities.

Fallen Angels Could Bring Opportunities

After relatively benign fallen angel activity in recent years, corporate debt downgrades are now front and center. Against a backdrop of extremely volatile economic activity, the ability of issuers to maintain their investment grade IG status is being challenged given evaporating revenue streams, plummeting oil prices, shattered supply chains and potential earnings disruptions. After being scrutinized for slow reaction times during the last crisis, rating agencies are downgrading credits at a record pace.

While the economic and public health situation is changing rapidly, at this point, we expect a material increase in fallen angel activity during

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The impact of the Covid pandemic on companies and governments has put ratings under pressure around the globe. As the inevitable downgrades roll out, we look to our fundamental sovereign and corporate analysis to cut through the headlines and focus on what we can more reliably predict. While topline expectations for the rate of fallen angels among EM investment grade corporates may cause concern, a closer look at the factors contributing to those expectations reveals greater stability than may be perceived — along with potential opportunities that downgrades may present to EM investors.

While downgrades are inevitable, we assessed the risk of the deterioration in credit ratings and found that the damage may not be as clear-cut or as severe as the headlines might suggest. To date, nearly EM corporate and quasi-sovereign issuers have been downgraded in , compared with just 20 upgrades 1. The sharp increase in downgrades follows a period of positive rating momentum, as net upgrades had been trending higher since Importantly, rating agencies set ceilings on corporate ratings relative to their respective sovereigns.

As in , when sovereign downgrades of Brazil and Russia were outsize contributors to the record levels of fallen angels, sovereign risk is the main factor driving expectations in Within both countries, escalating risk at the sovereign level due to political turmoil and ambitious fiscal responses to Covid will place a number of investment grade issuers under rating pressure. We see just one fallen angel candidate in the Middle East, a state-owned port operator that underwent a leveraged recapitalization that continues to stretch its balance sheet.

At PineBridge, we maintain active coverage of more than investment grade corporate and quasi-sovereign issuers 3 , each of which is assigned a fallen angel probability. Our assessment of fallen angel risk relies on collaboration between sovereign and corporate research to gain a comprehensive understanding of which issuers might be downgraded.

The Rise of Fallen Angels in a Pandemic World

As the coronavirus ripples through the economy, a record number of companies are on watch for having their credit ratings downgraded. In finance, a “fallen angel” is a company that had its debt rating reduced to junk status due to a deteriorating financial position. A lower credit rating means a higher interest rate expected by investors, which in effect increases the cost for a company to raise cash via debt.

Here are six “fallen angels” that had their debt rating reduced to junk status in the month of April. Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories. A lower credit rating means a higher interest rate is expected by investors, which in effect increases the cost for a company to raise cash via debt.

Fallen angels, or investment grade bonds downgraded to high yield, “Over US​$bn has been downgraded year-to-date and we’re four months into it. investment product or service is appropriate for a particular situation.

This chart is for illustrative purposes only. Index performance is not illustrative of fund performance. A significant rise in interest rates is defined as a basis point increase in the 5-year Treasury yield or an increase in the Federal Funds target interest rate in a given calendar year. Fund performance current to the most recent month end is available by visiting vaneck. Historical information is not indicative of future results.

Current data may differ from data quoted. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

It Could be a Wild Year for Fallen Angels, but Don’t Write Off ANGL

The recent wave of corporate bond downgrades has dropped many companies’ debt into the high yield sector. But could some “fallen angels” rise again? Rating actions have come fast and furious over the past few months. It would appear that the downgrade trend will be with us for a while, which has major implications for those credits that are barely holding on to their investment-grade ratings.

Source: J.

“We had expected an uptick in fallen angel high yield bond volume in approximately $90 billion of index eligible fallen angels year to date. Information on this site should not be used or construed as an offer to sell.

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Fallen angels: The new high-yield bonds

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What follows is an updated perspective on BBBs and fallen angels in light This section of the website is for the use of institutional investors Any outlooks, forecasts or portfolio weightings presented herein are as of the date.

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If you discover that our solutions are not available to you, we encourage you to advocate at your university for a best-in-class learning experience that will help you long after you’ve completed your degree. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. The major rating agencies are being proactive in addressing outlooks and ratings changes to account for the impact of COVID on companies and economies, meaning the list of potential fallen angels is now growing. For now though, both the sellside and buyside within the European high-yield bond segment remain sanguine about this situation, with some investors keen to pick up any new names on offer.

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